Koala net recruitment why is said to be joking

      this morning in order to recruit the manager of the market, talk to the king for a while. Figure Wang suggested that I send a recruitment information in the forum, and other candidates. Because people eager to please graph king in the website home page to recommend a few days to let more people know the information, did not want to be mistaken for some of my friends took the opportunity to hype.

      it really makes me depressed! Koala is a commercial website right, but did not expect to take this opportunity to hype. In the recruitment of the post I mentioned two times IDG investment matters, just want to increase on an applicant’s appeal, not to show off what.

      recruitment requirements there is an indication of the applicant’s website in the last three months of the Alexa ranking should be less than 15 thousand. I think if the candidates even their own operation of the site can not be a good promotion, and how can I believe that he will be able to effectively promote the commercial website? The proposed quantitative indicators just want to show that we value the applicant’s experience and actual performance, not to say that within 10 thousand and 5 certainly, certainly not. Other familiar with the network promotion methods, such as requirements should be the basic skills of each webmaster, we can not say that the harsh, right?

      I hereby declare: love the site has a wealth of experience, confidence in the promotion of a unique understanding of the webmaster despite contact with us, do not need to worry about restrictions and fetters.

      koala network developed product positioning in the grass, the koala treasure is a rookie to tailor the content and posting of all caught in a software. It is a pity that the main development and planning personnel network koalas were born to large companies, before entrepreneurship, lack of deep understanding of the root user habits, this is the most important reason we in stationmaster net recruitment market manager. Mumayi webmaster Yang Bo into the cool 6 is responsible for the promotion of the work is a good example.

      koala network invite talented webmaster to join, no matter how the results, we are very grateful to participate in the application of the webmaster friends.

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