The next step in Web 2 three is the basis of all the common

The collective spirit of

this series of third articles, the author struggled for two weeks and still feel difficult to write. Because of the thinking, we inevitably discuss the issue of philosophy and religion, and the complexity of the field and the situation of hundreds of cases, far more than the previous Web 2 sociological issues involved.

if you read this article do not understand any, think this is the future of Web 2? Even feel offended and angry, can only say that the author’s attempt failed. Every religion has its own God, it is difficult for a discussion of all, it is difficult not to offend people, please forgive me.  

get rid of all kinds of religious world no matter, we have to talk about almost every religious ceremony: collective prayer (or chanting, etc.). The significance of this ritual is that we believe that the spiritual energy of gathering is enough to change the world.  

we call this power the power of God, and once the real thing has changed, we call it a miracle. However, this is actually the human mind. Where does the power of change come from? From blessings, especially collective blessings.  

is a blessing, God endowed human extremely powerful spiritual energy, better, when you bless others, positive energy to get their own than to others. The same thing happens to hate, so we understand that you cannot get happiness by cursing others.  

this spiritual power must not show him through religion, in fact, in our daily life, qixindongnian. Imagine, the world has hundreds of millions of people full of hatred for the United States, after decades of the last time there were 911. Who called the devil? Don’t blame others.  

As one of the world

"shared" is the foundation of the operation of the world. Some thoughts may be you did not find, but hidden in consciousness and for gospel truth. In the era of Bill Clinton, there was a great improvement in world peace, and after that, the collective thinking of the Americans called for a belligerent president.

in religion, it is easy to see the common effect. Look around, you can also feel the people’s common mind how to change the fate of the country, a good leader is always trying to create collective upward common. What is more, the destiny of all mankind is a collective call of mankind, without exception.  

how do humans ascend collectively? There is one of the greatest truths behind the "common mind", "global unity". There is no other place in the world but to know that I and you are one.  


of a country to another country and violence, violent gas will eventually return to their body, because of not.

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