Folk anti corruption website bribe 20 days after the resumption of permanent closure


folk anti-corruption website faces many difficulties. Pay /CFP for map

two months nearly 60 but was awarded the qualification only a handful of similar sites have suffered shut down or consolidation

whether the 2009 Zhou Jiugeng smoking tobacco price event, or the 2010 Laibin City tobacco bureau director Han Feng’s "diary", "corruption" users to provide clues to feats, which makes the whole society looking forward to non-governmental anti-corruption forces. Since the early June, the domestic folk anti-corruption website has soared to nearly 60, the degree of popular staggering – the daily visit amounted to 300 thousand passengers.

, however, most of the anti-corruption website is still in existence between "current record only 4. Well known, I bribe the site since July 14th, after the record on the reopening in July 20th, but only 20 days after being forced to permanently shut down.

from all walks of life prospects of the folk anti-corruption full of concern: corruption is a lively folk flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum is of epoch-making significance, or the ice breaking move? Folk anti-corruption way? As a new force, the folk anti-corruption website is also facing growing pains — how to avoid corruption website has become the platform or become attack others for profit business website


text / chart reporter Intern Xie Xinyang,

experts feel the pulse of folk and discipline is the key to


face ", where is the road of domestic trouble and foreign invasion" folk anti-corruption website? Famous anti-corruption research experts, the Central Party School Professor Lin Zhe, folk anti-corruption website is a supplement of official corruption channel, although faced with many difficulties, but should be encouraged.

Lin Zhe said that in recent years, corruption cases investigated by the state, more than half of the report with the masses. But there are also several major issues of private corruption to be solved: first, the site to collect clues and discipline inspection organs handling process is not the same, the site does not have the legal force given. The relevant departments of the investigation of corruption cases, usually need to be kept confidential, the website in advance the information disclosure, it is easy to make people involved in response to act rashly and alert the enemy, space, and destruction of evidence of corruption.

second, do not rule out some websites for profit and win through anti-corruption coat hits, if mishandled, will become a tool to slander others, this is very dangerous. Therefore, the real name Internet, real name is the ultimate way to report.

Lin Zhe suggested that the site should do a good job of anti-corruption and local discipline inspection and supervision organs. In this regard, Zhuzhou and Nanjing have a good try, the masses can be clues of his secretary.

at the end of June because of not filing was suspended after the crisis, in July 14th, finally get the record.

difficult quasi birth

rectification 20 days in succession

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