Webmaster do stand six kinds of mentality can not get

      always wanted to write an article on the SEO website or webmaster some unhealthy mentality, in the online search to the article "the anatomy of the webmaster do stand six" mentality, although a year ago the old man, I think the six attitude mentioned many webmaster have experienced also made some mistakes, the reference value is very instructive, so sad.

      now China webmaster, low-key and pragmatic, but also created many such as Ma Yun, Zhang Zhaoyang, Ding Lei, Liu Ren, the hero of dignity, whether it is a hero or heroes or these people all-powerful, Fiat arena, Yoshiya yoshiya. But my skill is limited, they are those who I can’t bite, can readily grasp several small shrimp and small personal webmaster webmaster a anatomy in the absence of disinfection and narcotic drugs. Good, cut the head of the chest, give you a visit to visit many of China’s current owners mentality.


, a lazy attitude

      lazy, lazy is the source of diseases, like a clay Buddha does not hold the wall, more fools than Liu fools; since ancient times has always been lazy people disdain and contempt. But some owners believe that "lazy lazy lazy Fu", sometimes really can do well, I came to see you about, there is a webmaster, lazy to what extent? He did not understand the web pages have neither learning nor skill, do, just download an article management system, this system comes with just about hundreds of news and information on Internet, even logo are too lazy to change, sitting in front of the computer to jiangtaigong fishing, website open for several months, above the grass is still the same old way, but he made money and how to make it? Is the Google Advertising, click to download a machine every day mad hard brush, the first two months, the Google fish really fooled, honestly sent him tens of dollars, he had that happy ah, could not help but show off everywhere and that the Internet is lazy in the world. But too lazy is smart, he found that this time is not the way to go, need to find ways to expand the scale it, but Google is not a foolish fish, he found that jiangtaigong xianger can not eat, in spite of a straight hook, the month, Google immediately deleted his website all link data, advertising alliance permission is also permanently closed. This is of course a lazy self seeking once and for all the consequences, with the tens of dollars lost in the future development of the website. There is a website is very popular Wang before the website K666, since the establishment of sister station Yake wonderful forum, a year are rare on their website to see, sometimes hundreds of people online website forum, pirated software, virus release, stolen source code released to attract a lot of people’s eyes, the popularity is also large increase, but a website into a The atmosphere was foul. place, dark and twisted, with management negligence and in itself is not flexible and good operation, a high traffic site has become a decline.

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