Man accused of advertising to increase the amount of pornographic videos connected to the alleged pr

in order to improve the amount of online ad clicks, website operator Zhang thought of the link pornographic video. July 15th, by the Shijingshan District city procuratorate prosecution, Zhang, Liu alleged dissemination of pornographic materials case of profit in the district court hearing, Zhang, Liu was arrested on suspicion of the spread of pornographic goods crime of profit; Beijing.

in April 2007, Zhang established the film Post Bar website, hired Ryu to maintain the site. Shortly after the creation of the site, Zhang in the provision of online advertising agency services Google company registered as a Google content publishers. Since then, Google keyword advertising is displayed in the film paste it, Google, according to the company’s monthly click on the number of keywords to pay Zhang commission.

to enhance the film paste it popularity, earn more advertising costs, Zhang will be pornographic video links to the site, improve the click rate of online advertising. To March 2008 the incident, film paste a total of more than $4000 from Google advertising revenue.

contractors prosecutors told reporters that the use of online advertising to make money, is currently one of the main ways to profit a large number of small sites. However, the corresponding network regulatory measures are not perfect. Prosecutors reminded that the cost of advertising to pay the advertisers, the authenticity of the advertising click on the verification, but also should give full consideration to the advertising click environment.

the case will choose a sentencing date.

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