60% of the site with CN domain beyond COM into the mainstream of China

      00 to two Beijing eight Olympic Games, to the online store, there are 60% China websites using CN domain, breaking the long-standing COM websites play a leading role in the situation, the Internet really entered the era of CN Chinese".

      the latest data China Internet Information Center show that in the first six months of this year, the number of CN domain sites increased by four hundred and forty thousand, is the sum of the past ten years the total number of CN domain name website, domain name website CN reached eight hundred and ten thousand, for the first time beyond the COM domain name as China mainstream domain name.

      Liu Zhijiang, assistant director of the China Internet Network Information Center, said, "CN domain name after years of accumulation, in this critical point to achieve a blowout." According to reports, the advantages of the CN domain name, including the obvious identity of China, fast and stable access performance, good protection of the interests of the registration and accessibility services, and many other advantages.

      it is understood that the past year has many websites "defection", give up to enable the CN COM domain name domain name, Beijing two 00 eight year Olympic Games official website, Amazon, WAL-MART, NOKIA, well-known enterprises have opened the CN domain name, the implementation of the localization strategy.

      Liu Zhijiang said that the number of sites under the CN domain of the substantial growth means that Chinese companies and Internet users cognitive habits, the use of a major change in habits. CN domain name application of the mainstream, the independent development of China’s Internet and participate in world competition has a great significance.

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