Product circle and play huge profits secret

there is a part of the population, 9 in the morning every day, turn on the computer, landing service ready for the reception of customers, check the promotion account yesterday how much spending out of the number of single, see last night did not check the order, has issued a list of tracking there is no sign, see how many do you want to purchase the goods warehouse. Then began a busy day.

online customer service, customer service call, bidding specialist, web production, playing a single member, clerk, delivery, buyer, reconciliation and so on, these should be completed by individuals working in most circles profits products are done by one person, we have to admire every circle of friends are soldiers. Every day, they are in a race with time, the moment can not stay, every day can only relax time may be more than 8 p.m. the courier left it.

"bad luck" when even a Restroom time are not, it just said to go to the head, the phone rang, online customer service is free steaming. Eat no more time, generally do not eat breakfast or eat some snacks, lunch most at 2 p.m., dinner is estimated to be more than 8 points after the hungry, 12 at night to eat a meal, this is a part of the population, the monthly income can reach 20 thousand, 30 thousand and 50 thousand, when the business is good for a 100 thousand months is normal, the income from speaking is absolutely high earners, although their work is very complicated, but they are free, most circle of friends may draw half a month’s time to relax every year, more and more people envy them, but their hearts are sometimes feel a grass root, although they have a car, there is room…

this is what you do not understand the life of the product circle, then they are how to operate it? The following into the science and technology for everyone to explain in detail:

presumably everyone is most concerned about is the product, then they are what the operation of the product in 2014 circle of friends in the following categories of products:

1 tutorial CD-ROM products

inexhaustible products, as long as you discover there is no finished products, many products are also very huge profits, such as excavator maintenance tutorials, tutorials, stock identification, identification of antique jade, Wu Toru we summarize mainly in the following categories (planting, breeding, technology, maintenance, catering, specialty, loopholes) so, the main idea in the rich peasants Road, high occupation technology, specialty training, child all kinds of snacks, such as tutorial recipes.

2 TV shopping products

TV shopping products is of course the priority among priorities, from the beginning of this industry development up to now, every year several explosion models, most of the TV shopping hype, as once booming L-carnitine, super p57, red wine Papaya Soup and so on, last year, some friends even think that TV shopping products to die, because the state introduced the relevant policies, banning television advertising products, products for XX to crack down, but this year.

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