Baidu 1 billion 900 million to buy the 91 wireless now to sell their iOS business


technology news September 21st morning news, A shares of listed companies shares wisdom (000676) recently announced that the controlling shareholder of the concerted action of Tibet wisdom Investment Limited (referred to as Tibet Buddhism) a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujian science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the wisdom of Buddhism in Fujian) intends to acquire iOS 91 of Baidu’s wireless business.

there is no further progress of the announcement of the transaction, but if successful in the end, it will mean that 91 wireless iOS business will be injected into the A-share listed companies A. According to relevant data, read the shares of its Beijing palm World Technology Co., the company intends to use the raised funds for the construction of mobile application distribution and operation of the iOS project for iOS equipment, but the project has not yet started.

addition, Baidu, 3 years ago to spend $1 billion 900 million to buy the 91 wireless, and now to sell its iOS business. In July 2013, Baidu announced a $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 wholly-owned wireless, the largest amount of China Internet history at the time of the merger.

91 wireless mainly involves the distribution of mobile Internet applications, according to the public information, as of March 2013: 91 wireless’s two major distribution platform application total downloads exceeded 10 billion, including iOS and Android, but because of the official iOS limit, 91 wireless application distribution service center in Android application market. The Baidu sale of the business, the specific description is: to provide users with mobile iOS applications to promote the distribution and management of business.

was $1 billion 900 million to spend the price of the acquisition of 91 wireless, was widely analyzed as the entrance of the entrance of the entrance of the wireless and traffic, paving the way for the layout of the mobile Internet. But with the end of the bonus period of mobile Internet traffic, coupled with the mobile terminal vendors on the market share, mobile applications have been distributed in the end of the campaign.

it is worth noting that this year, Alibaba completed the acquisition of pea pods, although the specific price is not announced, but there is news that the transaction price of only $200 million.

in July 2013, however, Baidu’s $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 wireless, the first to buy the same price is pea pods. (Li Gen)

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