Baidu SiteApp began to clean up the site does not record union advertising will fail


is a bad news, with the mobile station is hot, more and more owners have their mobile station, many stations use third party tools to do today, Baidu SiteApp announced: start cleaning up not filing website, and advertising alliance will fail.

dear webmaster,

recently the Ministry of industry is under investigation, the ban did not apply to the relevant departments of the state for the record site ICP. SiteApp platform part of the original PC site has not been recorded in the mobile phone station has been unable to deploy the mobile domain name, the deployment of the mobile station in the union promotion bit has expired.

is a free mobile phone promotion effect station revenue, suggestions on the original PC website for the owners as soon as possible to the relevant departments for the record, the record can be used again after the successful shift of mobile phone access stations, mobile phone station promotion alliance will also come into effect.

Ps, the successful record can be accessed through the SiteApp domain name of the mobile phone station.

above, hope to know.

source: Lu’s blog

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