Zhang Wenbo how devoted to Bole marketing with social media marketing leveraging film


note: four years ago, "33 days" was born, amazing in social media in the marketing of energy. Four years later, the "rush that year" again with the application of the tool of social media in the battleground, A new force suddenly rises. Lunar New Year stalls. Behind these two cases are Zhang Wenbo’s shadow, he witnessed the two and in command of the social media movie marketing is how it? What is the tipping path? And, how to use the right to open the social media to move the movie marketing


the bole marketing CEO Zhang Wenbo tiger sniffing Wow! 2015 new media marketing depth to share the keynote speech at the meeting, the tiger sniffing slightly edited. After the speech, there are two large coffee industry the real thing PK.

today is to tell you that we operate in 2011, a film "33 days of love," by the end of last year, in 2014, the new year file "rush that year," look at the past few years, new media marketing in the end what has gone through.

this table is a cat’s movie last year’s annual report, I picked two pictures: the left side of the picture is related with age, basically show a little, 95 years ago has become the current viewing absolute main consumer, while 95 have great potential. On the right side of the picture, the female users, especially after 90 girls, is now the movie viewing groups.


so, we do in the marketing work, in consumer insight and understanding of their consumer psychology, understand the 90 crowd, especially after 90 female audience, has become a very important part of our.

when the cinema today has become a widely recognized young audience consumption scenarios, social demand and entertainment tendency when the film is continuously enhanced, the consumption of the domestic film, probably the four most important words are "related to me".

we hope when watching this movie, not just a visual perception, more important is to see your growth, your experience, and this is precisely the three types of youth, romance and comedy can give us.

from "love story" to the "rush that year" theme song MV, a dozen of the world

explosive goodsWhat is the selling point of

in the 33 days of being lovelorn? After a long period of six months in the marketing process, we feel that the core of the emotional connection with the audience. When you compete with the same film Hollywood blockbuster quality, it is necessary to emotionally connect with the audience, the fact that our connection is successful.

said the "33 days", in fact, when we mention in the early in the year, made another film when Valentine’s day in 2011, called "love will be carried out in the end", this movie is because in the "33 days" is the whole marketing >

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