A monthly salary of 1000 a website editor can support myself

graduated in late June, yesterday to call a network company, today to interview. I apply the site editor, no way, relatively writing this one is a little bit of my strengths, coupled with the University in recent years has been hovering in the network, see this post will have to try to feel.

a small boss greeted me, first pull some mixed, and give me some difference about website editor and traditional editor, and my freshman campaign minister questions about network. After asking some personal circumstances, some of the leadership of the small regret that you say that if you are a Chinese professional, then it is also more appropriate. I said I was studying law, but also often write legal documents and the like, in terms of data writing should not be a problem. Then I began to talk about the conditions, I learned that the site editor is basically a set of photography, interviews, written in a full range of workers. Think I’m just graduated, hard point on the hard point, I nodded and said no problem, and then began to talk about salary.

leaders said the website editor assistant editor and sub editor, I came here, first as an assistant editor. Then tell me a monthly salary of 1000, I thought, 1000 pieces can support myself, I haven’t missed, he added two months probation period salary is 800, my calculations: I am now in Jiangsu, Zhangjiagang (Suzhou), according to local consumption level, the monthly rent is around 300, meals can be controlled in 450, transportation costs 4 yuan a day (by bus), 25 working days per month is 100 yuan. Not to mention the other, only three of these 800 yuan wages is not enough to spend. Not to mention the money to buy clothes, Internet access, and friends to eat.

I was very embarrassed, really want to stand up and pulled the resume turned away, but the thought of the parents of these four years of hard work, my red face to sit at the end of the day, I will leave little leadership resume, that is to discuss whether or not retained a small range.

out of the office building of the company, I stood at the crossroads, I felt the tears can not help but in the bottom of the stream, the thought of the promise to my girlfriend, I found a slim future.

when the Internet I checked the main project that the company, a local consumer information network, the formation of a few years after the network contact my personal point of view, basically no what desirable, local search keywords, ten pages of such a website can not find any of their websites in the shadow, and membership fees do not yet look low, I doubt this website profit point where.

I had a wonderful idea, as they say, to two months of probation, and complaints to the labor arbitration committee, asking them to recharge my regular wages, as well as social insurance and overtime.

after that, I also like them do a kind of website, and then at SEO, and then provided free of charge to the customer, so these little home >

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