Airtasker paid errands service website to get 1 million 500 thousand in financing


run errands service Airtasker

website address:

business website: people can publish all kinds of tasks in the Airtasker, "runners" receive and complete the task can be obtained after the corresponding compensation

entrepreneurial team: founder and CEO Tim · (Tim), co-founder of ·, (LV Fung (Jonathan) Lui)

financing process: $1 million 500 thousand financing

NetEase Francisco April 20th message, according to foreign media reports, errands services website Airtasker $1 million 500 thousand financing.

the Australian start-up company launched the site just two months, it has also launched a iPhone application version. People can release all kinds of tasks in the Airtasker, "runners" receive and after the completion of the task can get the corresponding reward. Airtasker lists a wide range of tasks such as moving, refrigerator, mending clothes, move, even performing at the wedding.

the company originated from a common problem: installing IKEA furniture. Last year, Airtasker founder and CEO Tim · (Tim Fung); Feng in the installation of IKEA furniture when came up with the idea. He and co-founder Jonathan · (Jonathan), together with investors to introduce the idea, and eventually melt enough funds to create a site, so that the platform can operate Lui.

two founders have worked together in the mobile startups Amaysim, which itself has raised more than $30 million. Their relationship with Amaysim helped them raise $1 million 500 thousand from a large number of investors, including BridgeLane Capital.

Airtasker website is free to use and run errands each to complete a task, Airtasker will charge $2 to complete the task and the 5%. At this stage, the site is also looking at other ways to increase the value of the user experience revenue channels.

"our interests are aligned with our communities, and they make money to make money. We are now looking for ways to make more value for our customers."

in the first seven weeks after the line, Airtasker a total of more than $30 thousand to undertake the task. It will use the new financing to develop its engineering team, complete the development of its Android application version, as well as improve the site.


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