A5 daily selection how to better marketing WeChat and easy letter can be compared

A5 (www.admin5.com) stationmaster net daily: marketing, is a deep knowledge, as a webmaster, you may have been how to study in marketing, what platform to marketing, micro-blog, or WeChat now has just come out soon easecredit? For marketing, how to do it better, in order to achieve my ideal goal? With these questions to see the arrangement of the article, I believe you can find the answer you want.

1 easy letter is now suitable for marketing  

said WeChat, presumably a lot of people know that there are many people in the use of. WeChat as a chat tool, but also as a marketing platform for many people. Now on WeChat marketing books and online courses are more and more, WeChat is suitable for marketing only those who do WeChat marketing know. However, similar to WeChat’s easy letter in the near future (August 19th) jointly launched by NetEase and telecommunications, easy letter 1 has just launched, there are many webmasters and marketers eyeing the easy letter platform to do marketing. For easy letter marketing, I would like to say, why are they going to do easy marketing now, it is not yet mature how to marketing. Easecredit, it is just a baby, why to kill it?

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2 easy Xincheng marketing account new enclosure object

August 19th, easy letter released on the line. 24 hours came to registered users millions of breaking news, easecredit official said, the faster than expected. At the same time, the new media marketing passion ignited, they seem to have smelled easecredit potential advertising value.

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3 alternative marketing can help you create a miracle


group, is the enthusiasm of friends surrounded by the boat will share before the operation of a project experience, summed up now, hope to make friends with the understanding of the later group system.

C store, that is, Taobao’s store, it is estimated that the most common presence, but with the support of Ali group of Tmall’s favor, leading to the existence of a little precarious C shop.

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4 how to do a good job marketing WeChat  


marketing, said the word, you must be very familiar with, from the beginning of August of the 12 year, the number of monthly coverage of WeChat has been in rapid growth, a new era of WeChat product marketing also slowly into the eyes of the people, many businesses playing WeChat war, then why do some WeChat marketing do very.

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