Beijing daily Ministry of culture did not cut food plan

days ago, the media reported that the Ministry of culture market department may cancel the network game "steal food" function or further improvement on the existing basis. Yesterday, the head of the Ministry of culture, the cultural market division of the network to deny this, made it clear that the news is false, the Ministry of culture does not have cut food plan.

, the media reported that a woman in Tianshui, Gansu, Lee by the online food to steal the game to mislead, staged a reality version of stealing food farce due to illegal detention penalty. The media also said that the Ministry of culture market department responded by saying, "this will be the consultation research," steal food "features of the game will be canceled or, or on the basis of the existing further improvement."

for the Ministry of culture will "cut vegetables" reports, the network culture department official said that the implementation of the August 1st "network game management procedures", the network game content and operation are made clear, the game is illegal, the authorities from legitimacy, whether the content management main body specification and operation is standard and other aspects to study, "steal food is just a game form, the form is not important, the content and operation in violation of the provisions of whether it is the focus of our attention."

to "steal food" game, the netizen shows different viewpoints. Support the "chop dish" said vegeteal boring, on the game player’s outlook on life and values have a direct negative impact on the culture, regulators can not sit idly by. Opposition to cut vegetables, who said that the game is a game, in addition to leisure and entertainment can not afford more educational functions, can not be attributed to other people’s problems to the design of the game.

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