The value of marketing private custom minimalist ideas

A little bit of experience

recently I learn from WeChat, these two days have been playing WeChat, there are a lot of friends here, summed up a private custom minimalist thought of value marketing. Some time ago to see Lu Songsong’s thought of the circle, and nothing to write things without thinking. Pay the circle now as blossom everywhere, produces what kind of fruit to be tested. See in the QQ space today a netizen Mo two characters deeply feel guilty, we can refer to the following: the circle there is a strange phenomenon, usually white love as Daniel, and in fact a modest and aggressive white than a specious "Daniel" more people love, also easy to get help and cooperation opportunities, this is not the moral problem, only a matter of interest, how to make their own progress faster… In addition, the circle of the webmaster, how much money earned only their own understanding. Also some time ago a well-known blogger also said that the pursuit of the dry cargo, don’t chew feed to your mouth? Sometimes a lot of brains for better than blindly.

what is minimalism? There is simple and good, do one thing, do a simple, accurate good, to achieve the ultimate. I agree with the master of education, you don’t have to do things not to speak, you are not eligible, blowing hair Qiuzi will only lead to a regret, this time I was particularly impetuous, wrote several articles on known CSI, Ho, is not in play, want to to do the project, to engage in cooperation, engage in resources etc. these seemingly becomes complicated. WeChat saw Ma Long sent me two words: one year only one thing. Acme. A person’s ability is limited, and this is also a lot of confusion from the media, a lot of people want to do these, do those, open the forum, do a lot of things, in the end nothing. As for example, a person can concentrate on one thing, Yao Ming play basketball, so many years until retirement, do one thing can affect people in this group, this group of people to radiation to their circle, affect the diffusion of explosive is limitless, as I can this article that published in Lu Songsong, then the audience will lou song song know me, you know me after my circle will expand, and I can do is to write a good article, ask Lou loose a person’s recognition on it.

what is private custom? The largest service provider of Microsoft, a paid version system, free version of the system, this is the private custom, which sells you have seen wearing the number of carats of diamonds? Find a pain point, a starting point to the audience to do. Some time ago, a contributor to WeChat marketing do home page, look at the site’s main service is to do third party development, but also customized services. Customized to the company, customized to the individual. Pay reading is also customized to the people who want to learn custom, tailored to hardcore fans. In Italy, a place where every year only more than and 700 bottles of wine production, bottle prices are not cheap, it belongs to the advanced customization. Come back, around the most common millet, customized to the public service, cost-effective. Some people say that millet is not good, turn back for Apple phone, Apple phone >

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