Cheetah browser filter Youku advertising cheetah was sentenced to compensate 300 thousand


technology news September 22nd afternoon news, cheetah secure browser is operator an information technology company to court because of its page ad filter function. One company believes that this is unfair competition Kingsoft Corp, claims 5 million yuan. Today morning, the Beijing first intermediate people’s court made a final ruling on the case, that Kingsoft Corp in violation of the "Anti Unfair Competition Law", through the website published a statement to eliminate the influence, and one company 300 thousand yuan compensation.

in court, the company said, Youku’s profit model includes two types of fees and advertising models. The former is paid users pay 7.5 yuan a month to watch the video when you choose not to watch Youku to provide advertising, but the model is not the main profit model website. The advertising model for the main profit model, is aimed at free users, free users to watch the video to watch Youku website advertising, but can not skip the ad directly to watch the video.

is a company that, cheetah browser through a series of technical measures, take the initiative to provide end users page ad filter function, so that the original legal launch video advertising to be filtered, Jinshan security company’s behavior constituted unfair competition behavior. Accordingly, one company requested the court to order the defendant to immediately stop acts of unfair competition, published sound to eliminate the effects of compensation for economic losses of 5 million yuan and reasonable expenses.

Kingsoft Corp believes that the browser has the function of filtering the network advertisement belongs to industry practice, and ad filtering cheetah browser default closed, users need to take the initiative to open the browser to act, is only available to users of the tools, with characteristics of technology neutrality, not instead of user selection filter ads. Kingsoft Corp also believes that the user for the advertising film is difficult to accept, but video ad filtering sued cheetah browser is conducive to the needs of users, so the behavior is based on public interests, legitimacy.


court of first instance that video advertising part provided by one company as the business model of the overall service industry, rather than the usual identification of malicious advertising, the business model has interests can be protected by law. The defendant through the cheetah browser filtering Youku video advertising behavior is not legitimate, should bear the corresponding legal responsibility. Accordingly, the court ruled that the defendant published a statement to eliminate the impact of compensation for the plaintiff’s economic losses and reasonable expenses totaling 300 thousand yuan.


refuses to accept the decision appeal to the Beijing first intermediate people’s court, the court of Final Appeal dismissed the appeal and upheld the original verdict. (Zhang Nan)

Company Profile:

cheetah Mobile Corporation (formerly Jinshan network) is a security as the core, to provide basic application services for Internet users Internet Co, in March 25, 2014, was renamed cheetah Mobile Corporation. Cheetah moves listed on the New York stock exchange in May 8, 2014.

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