CP or is the last straw for Google cn

in the context of the rumors that Google will close the Chinese website google.cn, google.cn’s ICP annual inspection issues become more subtle.

on the Google will be at the end of March to close the google.cn news four, a reporter from authoritative sources said, Google’s ICP inspection will be carried out in the end of March.

in accordance with the law Chinese, in the operation of Telecom and Internet business China must be issued by the Department in charge of the ICP license (Internet information services business license), Google in 2006 to enter the Chinese, along with ganji.com "share" a ICP licence Beijing ICP license number 050124. The issue of license plate has become the biggest hidden danger in the operation of China’s Google legitimacy.

until July 2007, Google officially announced the formation of China, and ganji.com venture, Beijing Guxiang Information Technology Co. Ltd. formally received the Ministry of Information Industry issued a ICP license, ICP card and B2-20070004 words "be used three years Google China licence. This is the same as other multinational companies operating in China to obtain ICP licenses in the same way, such as the use of eBay and eBay joint venture’s ICP license, Amazon is using the excellent network ICP license.

previously, foreign media said Google (Google Inc.) plans to stop censoring China web search results in a few weeks, under this background, the contents of the review content stop time Google China ICP annual temporal overlap suggestive.


event by]

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2006,

Google.cn (Google China quietly online website) will be launched by caused a great disturbance.

Google.cn version of the test almost from the start line, there are China users in blogs and forums that Google.cn and ganji.com use the same ICP license, which triggered a storm on the Google ICP license.


event is the ICP license from Google.cn.

on the line, Google.cn’s home page number is used as the "Beijing ICP card number 050124" ICP license. From the Beijing communications administration announced on the website of "network information services (ICP) directory license units, Beijing ICP Certificate No. 050124 belongs to the" Beijing Feixiang people Information Technology Co. Ltd., and the company is ganji.com operators. This also means that Google.cn and ganji.com in sharing the same ICP licenses, which will lead to widely questioned Google "unlicensed". In this regard, Google Chinese response is given, because Google in China does not have its own ICP license, and therefore by ganji.com cooperation by ganji.com for running Goo>

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