Flow into an independent B2C hard to bear the weight of the new passenger costs doubled in six month



traffic into independent B2C hard to bear the weight of

Sina Technology Shen Yunfang

in 2011, nearly 40 separate B2C force for flow in Taobao Mall (now renamed "Tmall"), "independent B2C is dead, the sound loud and clear. Two years later, B2C is not dead and independent one after another, but they are difficult to bear the heavy load is high traffic costs.

traffic! Flow!

2012, the annual meeting will be sent, B2C special guests to discuss the question of whether the survival of independent B2C. Held yesterday 2013 "on behalf of the school year will be" independent B2C is still one of the three sub forum, but the guests to discuss issues over the previous year was more specific and detailed traffic costs and how to get the new users to become the focus of everyone talking about. This change reflects the changes in the competitive environment faced by independent B2C.

in 2011, nearly 40 separate B2C including the red child, Kuba, jumei.com, one shop forced to flow into the Taobao mall. At that time, the comprehensive platform independent B2C weakness B2C let bad mouthing the voices can be heard without end, "B2C is dead" view is rampant. Two years later, suning.com and Gome respectively acquired red children and coo8 already removed Tmall’s flagship store, beauty vertical electric jumei.com also Tmall to disappear.

two years, independent B2C did not die, and still have to appear. But the new players are still facing the old problems experienced by older generations: increasingly high traffic costs are becoming their heavy burden.

according to the electricity supplier marketing agency Mary billion online statistics, since 2011, the domestic electricity business flow polarization is becoming increasingly serious, the top ten electricity supplier website traffic occupies the whole flow of 40%, including three top three electricity supplier and occupy nearly 50% top ten in the whole flow.

"Matthew effect is more and more obvious." Zhu Qigong, vice president of B2C, believes that this trend will lead to small and medium-sized independent access to traffic and the cost of new customers increasingly high, the development of extreme difficulties. In a cosmetics website, for example, the site in the fourth quarter of last year, each new customer acquisition cost of about $200, while in the two quarter of this year has been close to $450.

courted the big flow of

like the red child, like Kuba to find the acquisition of "Godfather", independent B2C still has to Taobao, Jingdong and other large flow out.

brewmaster network CEO Hao Hongfeng will be the good summary for "be not enemies" business strategy. As a vertical electricity supplier, brewmaster network is currently settled in Tmall, Jingdong, suning.com, Amazon.

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