Phoenix News Headlines today issued a statement condemning the traffic hijacking for keywords induce


technology news October 26th afternoon news, Phoenix News client issued a statement today, today’s headlines malicious hijacking Phoenix News flow, not only in the Phoenix News upgrade to induce users to download the headlines today, and in Baidu, Sogou search engine keyword bid.


however, in December 2015, at that time as victims of traffic hijacking, today’s headlines with Tencent, micro-blog, millet, the U.S. group public comment, 360 five Internet Co jointly issued a statement against traffic hijacking and other illegal activities.

Phoenix News said: "the user received a report, said according to the Phoenix News client products that intend to products from the 5.2.2 upgrade to 5.2.4 version, when prompted to download Phoenix News of success, but suddenly pop up today’s headlines installation tips. According to user feedback, before and after the Phoenix News client through the entrance of the update four times, the first three are today’s headlines to install the package, it appears in his phone is called ifeng folder."


Phoenix News also said that in addition to the report users behavior, landing Baidu mobile browser to see the Phoenix News, the title is the Phoenix News, but click into the content into today’s headlines. Phoenix News is their own statistics, not a single infringement, including Tencent, Sohu and other news news have become the object of today’s headlines keywords for the.


sina science and technology on the Phoenix News statement asked today’s headlines, as of press time ago, today’s headlines did not respond. (Li Gen)

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