My personal experience Webmaster attention

this is a YahooNCP station! Address is: "webmaster marketing"

this is a fraud! He claims to remit 100 will get a "master marketing" this book! When he and I QQ contact, he said I can’t stand to the requirements of the program! He also said that he is an agent of a host of Guangdong! Said as long as 150 can have 1G space! PHP+SQL! He said a total of 250 back and I tried to teach me how to build it!! so I 11:00 on the morning of January 2nd to a total of 250 yuan bank remitted money to collect him! I immediately contacted him after he said he received that afternoon to my host and


and I found him in the afternoon to open after QQ, I said to him: "here" he didn’t respond to me, I said: "in the" don’t answer me, then he went offline, and the QQ are the names of the (previously called "HTTL" is now called "the number is stolen! Until now can not contact! I thought surely cheated! Now I will QQ and his name and account number to announce I hope you don’t be fooled!

QQ:357188114 TEL: 13930361872

construction bank account: 622700019122001713 Name: white crystal

Agricultural Bank: 955998064081949821 Name: Malaysia Xiuyou

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