Four ways to make money advertising meeting training and public relations

Author: Ge Jia


technology blog on what money? This question has no answer to what a commonplace talk of an old scholar. However, you can still make an analysis of possible ways to make money, to see which one is going to drill in which cage. Specifically, in fact, science and technology blog to make money can not be separated from the traditional one, but there will be some form of innovation.


cage 1: ad

said earlier, science and technology blog is no way to make money by traffic, traffic is only a core element of your value, but not all, more importantly, who is watching you. For science and technology blog, the 100 CEO and investors, more than 10000 white to see you. But science and technology blog to prove that Robin Li is not easy to see you every day, maybe people look at the two days and go also say not. If Robin Li and pony really come every day, why do you flow so little, or not good-looking right. Therefore, the flow is not critical, but it is necessary.

technology blog also can sell advertising, but the traditional CPC should be used to sell is very stupid, can not earn three melon two directional delivery dates, enterprise is the kingly way. In view of the high price of advertising platforms such as WeChat, science and technology blog can also follow the example of advertising to sell a high price, it will be paid, as long as you are there.

if your business is to do 2B, in the technology blog on a total of 100 thousand ads posted on the day of the day, the effect will not be worse than the portal, the total is better than the C of the 99% to see you more effective advertising. Of course, even if the 2C, science and technology blog readers still have the level, can not take them as white. Some start-up companies, in order to attract investors to attract attention, it is possible to invest in this. I would say that, in this 36 krypton is still relatively safe, do a lot of business service work, this will be of great value in the future, of course is not only the value of advertising.

but there are basic conditions, that is you in the industry is indeed all-powerful, the influence is very large. To achieve this goal, first of all is to maintain a separate identity, don’t let people say what is found in a suspicious position. In addition, the ability of in-depth analysis of industry but also to some day, get some gossip and hearsay, no future.

cage two: office will be


office is a basic profit model of technology blog, techcrunch is so dry, as did AllthingsD, the last time Jobs and Gates on the same stage, is in the AllthingsD meeting. This big show, it was a face. Organizers to find some sponsors and advertisers to dig some money, selling tickets, so that the people who came to speak on the CEO dig some money, is not a problem.

is now the case, there is no science and technology blog to achieve this appeal, China still can not give birth to such a technological environment. >

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