The 75% is the verification of the APP jurisprudence SkyDrive review mechanism lax is the production

jurisprudence, changing software, SMS bombing is a major problem in terms of content; the problem of network security has been transferred from the app store to the cloud disk, and SkyDrive advertising platform.


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May 17th, the China Internet association, the national Internet Emergency Center in Beijing for the first time jointly issued the "China Mobile Internet development and security report (2016)" (hereinafter referred to as "report"). The report shows that in 2015 the number of active mobile phone users in China reached 780 million, accounting for about 56.9% of the country’s population.

in the smart phone device brands, in 2015 the country’s mobile phone users to use the Internet to use the top three smartphone brands are apple, Samsung and millet. Use of Apple mobile phone users reached 16.76%, the proportion of Samsung and millet were used and the proportion of 15.56% and 15.78%.


report pointed out that although the number of Internet users use the apple brand of intelligent mobile phone Internet users in the most, but the usage of the top 10 intelligent mobile phone brands, domestic brand Chinese occupy 6 seats, and in all the smart mobile phone network terminal equipment, intelligent mobile phone usage brand has accounted for nearly 60% of the territory of China proportion, more than foreign brands intelligent mobile phone nearly 20%.

in an interview report, the report shows that in 2015 12321, the center has received reports of APP report 727976 times, effectively report 200684 times. APP report showed a reduction in the number of trends.


reported APP game entertainment accounted for an absolute majority, reached 74.6%; the second is the life category accounted for 10%, third is the system category accounted for 8.3%, fourth is a social category accounted for 5.5%, the financial class accounted for a minimum of 1.6%.


inspectors to check the reported APP found that part of the APP problem belongs to the network security problems, the problems mainly focus on two aspects: first, sneak flow problem, the problem of malicious adware. At present, the system of Android APP universal embedded in different advertising plug-ins, by means of such cloud control plug-in, from time to time to open the back door channels, bypassing the app store detection, self control push content (including push advertising, information and even malicious code etc.).

The content of

is mainly focused on three aspects: first, the issue of jurisprudence. There are 75% of the existence of jurisprudence APP verification problems, which anonymous social class App issues outstanding. Including users to publish pornographic information, providing pornographic services, pornographic pictures, videos and text, etc..


in order to attract user attention, increase the number of users, a large number of APP and pornographic content hook. 2015 123>

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