Group purchase Rainbow Night the other side listed domestic welcome winter celebration


At the beginning of the domestic group purchase website

chaos war entirely, and now look at the Groupon

listed the originator of scenery

reporter Sun Chaoyi

as the originator of group purchase industry and the world’s largest group purchase website yesterday, Groupon finally landed on the NASDAQ issue price of $20 per share to the overall market value of it reached $12 billion 700 million. However, compared with the Groupon on the other side of the "very influential", the domestic group purchase industry is "the fire", high operating costs, financing difficulties, the number of customers to reduce the bad news, thousands of war after the domestic group purchase website revoke branches, large layoffs have occurred, even if the Groupon subsidiaries in China Gaopeng can "bad luck", this winter for many group purchase website will be a doomed difficult winter".

can not see the future practitioners

"many colleagues are gone, adhere to the people are becoming less and less." Although only 26 years old, but Chen Li (a pseudonym) has been in the group purchase industry "fought for nearly 2 years, is a veteran of group purchase industry. But now she is for the future of group purchase doubt.

"the industry environment is now what I can not say, but I can clearly feel less and less customers, but also more and more difficult to talk about." Let Chen Li feel the pressure is the rapid decline in the number of customers.

put a piece of paper on top of Chen Li’s computer screen, which reads: "time is like water in a sponge". "That’s my motto, but I can’t use it now." Chen Li told reporters that in July last year, she posted, then the group purchase industry is just emerging, customers streamed to come to the reception all day without end, she posted this sentence to tell myself to improve efficiency, talk about a few list.

but the situation is slowly changing. Now, the number of customers is getting less and less, even if Chen Li initiative every day harvest little. "I also idle, no longer have to ‘squeeze a sponge."." Chen Li told reporters, before she can talk about a week with dozens of orders, but now a day up to two or three.

in Chen Li to reporters show the September performance table, she talked about a total of 12 single, compared with the same period last year is a single 39.

recently released a scouring network in September this year the group purchase market monitoring and research report shows that in September this year, the domestic group purchase market trading volume growth has stopped, the actual market growth rate of only 0.3%, and is expected in the past October, the domestic group purchase industry probably will usher in the "inflection point", negative growth.

"hit a discount less, no one to buy, no one to buy we can not get the money." Another problem that bothers Chen Li is his own

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