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the day before yesterday issued the article "personal webmaster article", no accident by some old webmaster forwarding. What’s more, I mentioned that I haven’t seen Gao Chunhui for years. Then I saw the old circle of friends forwarded the public number of articles in my circle of friends said that the comments just in Shanghai, or touch the head. Then a little time after we met at the Shanghai new town of Lukang. Xujiu + a few hours chatting. At the same time, we also built a group of old webmaster – former glory – once the personal webmaster group (before 2000 to join the old webmaster, and must be famous is a personal site, rather than other areas)

personal webmaster article I told you to write the next programmer, in fact, I want to talk about is only the author of shareware. Because I was in love on the internet widely friends in various fields, make love, also made a famous IT network, so from a personal webmaster, shareware authors, literary youth, network to flash, IT critic (freelance writer), IT reporter to hackers, IT to professional managers, to the Internet game industry, together with the IT bit, I made a circle, cross is quite powerful, so also know many shareware authors, also can write them out. Originally this programmer article let Chen Danian, or Zhang Xiaolong, or even to, caoz, CSDN, Ceng Denggao, Jiang Tao to write stronger than me. But they do not write, I had to start writing. Make bricks and lead them to the jade.

Chen Danian: New Year’s previous name is Chen three son, is my old colleague in 1999 when the dreamer, an article has mentioned him. He resigned from the technical director Chinese dreamer net, and his brother Chen Tianqiao stame made a network of Silicon Valley, is the image of the dog community. I told another old webmaster, is new year with my old colleagues, when the studio Tianjiao Luo Cheng (now NetEase game designers) specifically to their Pudong office that first saw their project. And the new year’s Eve and Chen talked about. Feel the project is good. Later, probably because of the winter capital, they do not go on this project, a network game agent and the last money, called "legend" (earlier than "legend" network game is the Huayi "Stone Age" of the earlier words, is "Red Moon", if earilier is MUD), and also registered a company called grand (before the call Sitech corresponding to stame), behind the story, I want you all to know. Chen Danian had been the media called Chen’s brother, I don’t know him personally for this call will not love, anyway, in my eyes is a new year’s true temperament, and more people to forget the past. As I do not have a very high academic qualifications, but he is a self-taught model, when he and other friends of the EPort software group, developed a series of well-known shareware, such as web workshop. Now the new year, do a call WIFI Almighty

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