2345 navigation site a large scale abolition or because of promotion of suspected piracy

day before, many have a Weirui worked to "IT times" reporter broke the news, then informed the "turnip home" case in March 2011 the Ministry of public security, the 2345 is still in the country to recruit a large number of technicians to promote the 2345 site navigation, the technician in the user installed, pirated Windows operating system installed with 2345 series of products the.

this promotion until Microsoft v. case after the verdict, it gradually converged, removed part of the promotion of the site manager. However, the reporter learned that many ground push (ground promotion) activities are still in progress.

channel department rushed layoffs

I am still in the morning to arrange the work of the development of the new city site, the afternoon was informed of the Department Manager to leave the formalities." Rui channel department was cut staff Deng Hong (a pseudonym) told reporters, in addition to his own, that week there are three or four people in the channel department has been cut off, and the Department of a total of 8 people on the channel.

I asked why the company was dismissed, the leadership said only ‘strategic adjustment’. Leaving no compensation, so I left 2345." Deng Hong said. Later, Deng Hong learned that the channel department is revoked, the remaining staff set up a new Department, the recruitment team called "make only superficial changes".

2345 layoffs moment, it is the case between Microsoft and Rui Chong settled when the dust, Rui Chong to Microsoft compensation of 36 million.

Deng Hong said in the mouth of the leadership, that is, Luo Hua – "Han Meng, Rui Chong company, who alleged copyright infringement case, one of the defendants. The newspaper has reported, the case is in June this year by the Shanghai Pudong New Area people’s Procuratorate for prosecution to the court, has not yet closed. It is understood that Luo Hua was responsible for the promotion of the southern region in the south of the Department of the channel, is now recruiting team leader.

why the line will be set down 2345 channel department?

a large number of technicians to push 2345

by piracy

2345 channel department, also known as offline promotion, set up in 2011. Department of a total of 8 employees, with hundreds of hundreds of city marketing manager in the country, each market manager hands basically have hundreds of technicians, are local computer maintenance personnel, installed officers, they formed a "2345 technician alliance".

Deng Hong said, according to the original idea, technicians use their own channels, in the premise of the user’s willingness to promote, including 2345 site navigation, browser, good pressure and other 2345 products. Each technician’s 2345 promotional packages have a unique link code, when the success of the installation of the product for the user, the system can be identified by the background of the "link code", which is recorded in the workload of the technician. According to the workload, get the corresponding remuneration.

technician in the actual process is not a formal operation, according to Deng Hong’s statement, the development of the situation beyond his control. "These technicians will be

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