The nternet giant beachhead market will re shuffle or accelerate the group purchase

day before, have reported that Facebook official to Atlanta, Austen, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco five city launched Deals services, to the fierce competition in the market to the group purchase. Coincidentally, in Facebook a few days before the launch of Deals services, another Internet giant Google also launched a test version of the network group purchase discount service and Google Offers in Portland, oregon.

in social networking service for the Facebook and Google web search service started to get involved in the group purchase market almost at the same time, their goal is clearly aimed at the US market leader group purchase Groupon and LivingSocial, they will join the group purchase market structure may change the United states.

Internet giant involved in the purchase of

attract Facebook and Google involved in the buy market, the most direct reason is the huge profit margins. However, in the face of the United States increasingly saturated buy market, the Internet giants in the hope that the future grab profits, but also pay more attention to seize the market opportunity to buy.

profit is the driving force of all business behavior. Facebook and Google to get involved in the market is the biggest driving force to buy the future market profit. BIA/Kelsey, a market research firm, says U.S. consumers spend $873 million a day in 2015 to $3 billion 900 million this year, which could reach $6 billion by 2010.

although the future profit space is very imaginative, but the U.S. domestic market is showing a trend of saturation. United States buy information aggregation site data show that Groupon in the United States has more than 180 cloning site. Among them, there are more than half of the transactions provided by the site less than 100, including Groupon, including only more than 15 transactions provided by more than 500, only more than 4 transactions provided by more than. This set of data is no doubt that the U.S. domestic market has been saturated.

however, saturated market situation does not scare Facebook and Google, they pay more attention to the grab before the competition in the market to draw group purchase their own territory, if you can not grab before the competition, it should not be too much behind. This point from the Facebook and Google introduced a little rush to buy services can be seen.

media reports, users log on Facebook buy service page, there is no commodity and businesses on the line. Facebook also said that the current user is only beginning to accept the purchase of the project.

similarly, on Google Offer services, the user is only received a message after registration. Google group, said the team for the user to join the deeply excited, once there is a buy items, >

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