Baidu bidding combined with marketing QQ database to do network marketing

has not been willing to share, why? For the most part in the project or no experience of people, to give them more futile projects, most of the mind on a cool, "the original project can also do so, I have to do tomorrow, the excitement can’t sleep at night tomorrow, get up late for work again, so the new ideas and planning behind, and go back to the original


in addition, each business has its own ideas and thinking, such as entrepreneurship, life, career, health, have their own way and method, any one of a happy and successful method, are already in his own mind. Psychology encourages people to sit and meditate, the core purpose is to dig their own treasure, become the most unique of their own!

people need in accordance with the way he had to change and grow, the force is not forced! So, people are looking for projects, projects are also looking for people, as a project, some people can do it, others simply can not do it, or even misguided.

or talk directly to the project!

project: Baidu bidding, profiteering products.

first give you a white Baidu for what is universal: simple point is similar to the Taobao train, open a shop in Baidu, Baidu and others in the click of your web site, Baidu will deduct advertising costs, normal popular products single click around a piece of five, see the price of popular products.

Operation of the

project: through Baidu search the product precision as can be imagined, for example in my web search where to buy Apple mobile phone, then Baidu home page appears one of Apple’s official website! Then buy my chances on the very high! According to statistics, this kind of brand in the turnover rate in the about five percent! One hundred Click Five single transaction, we operate a single product profits above profit and loss of money 300+! So shellfish are by themselves to control the.

entrance: Baidu bidding popular products, less competition, Guang Gao fees low, which can be done at low risk, and once to find the right product, can do a good job for many years, to avoid competition, give up hot, whether full-time or not, can easily operate in recent days! Often a morning to burn forty or fifty advertising the three or four single, ha ha, you just a few months. A single, will you work more than wages! Of course we aim higher.

Baidu bidding project, now I know, buddy, most of them reached thirty-one thousand months! Is about two or three single day! That simple is very simple, as long as you follow our model to replicate to operate it! The core project is the bidding product, I win some follow-up skills I will share to find products! Now I choose eighty percent of the products are stable single.

project two: marketing QQ database schema

marketing QQ created a number of months of the big one

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