Keywords double 11 large collecting when the prodigal daughter in law in hand chop party

[editor’s note] double eleven is a magical holiday. Uncle Wang District where no decisive break switch, and more than more than and 150 countries and regions of the "cut the hand of the party, only one day, to help with the Alibaba 57 billion 100 million yuan brush screen records, can be said to be human civilization commercial history there has never been a spectacle. "Cool" enough, what are the most profound keywords in your heart?


– brush is not a single, lonely


Behind every pair of eleven

all sales data, accompanied by groups of brush single seller unknown to the public. Year after year, Tmall is hit, sellers brush more crazy, and the platform jointly staged a love to kill the drama drama.

[APEC logistics delay]

– when the double eleven met APEC, think of it quite tall on it..


2014 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders’ informal meeting will be held in Beijing, from November 3rd to 12, the implementation of temporary traffic control measures in Beijing. In the meantime, just happen to meet the annual electricity supplier Shopping Festival Double 11, courier companies also face the peak number of delivery and limited capacity of the double test.

[sell tyrants]

– fighter plane in the smart machine! Send parents send uncle to send aunt… Feel really great!


according to millet official introduction, millet mobile phone sales reached 1 million 160 thousand units. Among them, the red rice millet + with Tmall mobile phone sales in the first category, millet TV hit a Tmall TV single store sales of the first, millet tablet from Tmall tablet single product sales first, get smart wearable Bracelet millet sales first, millet router Mini will become Tmall network equipment sales in the first class.

[registered double eleven]

– Lu Zong said, we do this in order to protect the festival, you slowly get!


Alibaba group CEO Lu Zhaoxi in its dealings with the dynamic voice, said the eleven will always be an open holiday, all participants are working together. As a pair of eleven sponsors and advocates, the registered trademark is Ali double eleven natural essential things, mainly in order to protect this holiday, avoid malicious abuse."

[electricity supplier tearing force war]

: every big promotion electricity supplier, is the best time to tear force platform! Help businesses to Tucao: but your tear to tear, don’t force us to stand in the old one of two ah, ah, really difficult, chenqie do ah!

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