Eight ways to make money in micro commercial WeChat marketing software

recently popular a WeChat marketing software, but also a lot of people started using this software six months ago. The effect of this WeChat marketing software? I personally bought a test and found that the effect is good. There are a lot of people have not used this software, there is a good feeling, there is a bad feeling. Today, I want to say to you and Shao Lianhu blog, micro business how to use this software to make money.


WeChat marketing software can be said that some of the micro business, or want to use WeChat marketing friends. On such a software, micro business should be how to use it to make money? In fact, there are many ways to make money, I will combine their own ideas, with the use of this software to make some of the most practical methods.

1, micro sell products to earn money

micro business is the main selling products, recruit agents to make money. So, you can use the WeChat marketing software every day people, promotion. In this way, WeChat, and so many people can publish ads to sell products, you can also use the software to advertise directly.

2, selling software to micro business to make money

with WeChat marketing software automatically adds a lot of people think that the software is not precise user, are some of the garbage. For example, add your WeChat is not a micro business is a satyr. You may think that you are micro business, there is conflict, they will not buy your product. However, you can sell WeChat marketing software to him, he needs WeChat marketing.

3, Taobao sell software to earn

I spent 99 yuan to buy a proxy version of WeChat marketing software is given to my blog VIP members, for other users is a day of two free places. Later, I see too much trouble had to get the registration code, I put this software to get on the Taobao to sell. Others sell personal version of 27 yuan, the proxy version of the $99, I only sell a single version of the yuan, the same day to sell the more than and 20, but also earned a reputation of the more than and 20. Of course, you can also sell some expensive.

4, do Taobao make money

WeChat marketing software, he is not a person, just a machine, so that people do not know whether it is not their own precise user, added to the majority of people who are sex and micro business. We can sell the software to him. For these sex maniac, we can make the mobile phone Taobao guest, sell a man to give them.

5, the establishment of micro business charges QQ group

now can be said to be more than Taobao, but also very much. So many micro providers, we can set up a micro business exchange QQ group, and is the. For a lot of people do not want to join the fee, then we can get some micro business promotion tutorial and the WeChat marketing software to attract people to join. This software Taobao to buy about one hundred, to join the group as long as 10 yuan, there will certainly be a lot of people willing to join.

6, micro business marketing training


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