Alexa traffic is not the only standard of China’s nternet

now has more than and 20 Chinese companies listed on nasdaq. The number of Internet users in the latest statistics, the number of users China next to the United States, has Chinese has become an important member of the global Internet industry, the Internet for China now how powerful, there seems to be no doubt. But in August of this year, the United States Alexa a world ranking algorithm for the adjustment of the site, but let us deeply understand the vulnerability of China’s internet. There are no longer mentioned in the Internet industry, everyone can not avoid the problem, the measurement of the Internet is not a real indicator? China’s Internet needs a kind of value measurement standards?

Internet need to use data to speak

no doubt, for any kind of media, it is necessary to use data to reflect the development of the status quo. Newspapers and magazines to circulation, ratings, broadcast television programs need to need to listen to rate, and when the Internet has and is being used as a commercial media operation, the data is undoubtedly the most favorable evidence to reflect its value.

as a beginning from 1996 to provide global traffic statistics and ranking mechanism, Alexa seems to be invisible in the process of economic development in the Internet Chinese once played a relatively important criteria, as opposed to the third party data provider, Alexa in China investors and advertisers have been widely used. It allows the Internet for the first time with a convenient network traffic statistics tools, it should be admitted that the development of China’s Internet to a certain extent, Alexa positive.

some people say that Chinese Internet practitioners have a natural Alexa complex, is a prisoner’s dilemma". This complex is due to no mature third party data at the time, they need to use Alexa to explain the risk investors own website is how powerful, need to let advertisers see is a rising curve, is a superior ranking. Gradually, it seems to have become a hidden rule in the Internet industry.

, however, because of its special statistical algorithm Alexa in China has encountered no small obstacle, it is no doubt that it is new, it makes the accuracy of the data provided by the fold. Although it is still a third party traffic statistics company, but the problem is that it is not destined to adapt to China’s Internet environment, at least in the foreseeable future is such a short time. Therefore, in Chinese, when the Internet develops to a certain stage, the need to improve the standard of data provided by the research method of perfect to talk, stop talking in the flow of data, not really does not reflect the overall development trend of the current Internet Chinese.

traffic is not the only standard Internet needs to improve the data standard

The early stage of the

Internet is called the eyeball economy". As the name suggests, only those who can attract enough attention to the attention of the internet station can be based on the ability to

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