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What is a

insight into the network, master of the mouth, the boss of the company, director of strategy you have given you some 00 pieces of the answer, or did not answer…


rule out your own problems, the only reason is that they are not good enough.

I’ve seen all kinds of insight on the internet. Most of the views only reflect one of the dimensions of the advertiser’s understanding of "insight". The problem is, some words and deeds in the work, there are people in writing with certainty. Whether new recruits, or industry old, always put insight into the hanging mouth is a good thing, it should clear what it is… If it is not a few.

so this article hopes to "what is insight" through my several points of view, to give you some inspiration:

0 learning concept is the only way

1 there are many levels of insight in your mouth

2 consumer insight to connect the brand

3 to find a good insight into the method

4 insight below there is insight into

0 learning concept is the only way

why I wrote a few thousand words about "insight"… Because you really understand it can avoid misunderstanding, and secretive, half knowing will hinder your growth.

what we learn through text / sound / experience will be summarized as a "concept"". Insight is a concept, money is a concept, bread is a concept, strategy is also a concept… "Insight", "strategy" is more difficult, because they are "highly abstract". Why it is highly abstract, precisely because it contains too much meaning, can be interpreted and understood from different dimensions. In order to facilitate the memory, such a highly abstract / summarized term was created by our predecessors, making it easier for us to communicate. (before talking about the policy definition of the article: how to play the "strategic people" face?)

Some people do not understand the

advertising terms the meaning of existence, is said to have 4A cavity, someone said to understand why so fine, some people even said terms and concepts have no meaning to know the idea behind it! (scientific thinking, deep thinking in our advertising so Art + abstraction industry it is a difficult thing, you know the low industry overall learning ability)

otherwise. Understand the concept, because it is easier to learn the concept of memory, and through the concept you can point into a line and then into a face. If you do not understand a concept, it will cause misunderstanding, and then endless waste of time.


(random survey around the results of a small partner)

my work experience and friends around

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