FB for fishing law enforcement has operated 220 thousand registered users of child pornography webs

[TechWeb] reported on January 25th news, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) last year ran a "biggest Internet child pornography (child pornography) is one of the website" website, operation time of nearly two weeks. FBI officials said the move was to "Fishing law enforcement" to arrest criminals.


FBI for fishing law enforcement has operated 220 thousand registered users of child pornography website

in a court document, the U.S. Department of justice acknowledged that from February 20, 2015 to March 4th, FBI operates a website called Playpen. At that time, the site has more than 215 thousand registered users, including more than 23 thousand children pornographic pictures and videos, of which more than 9000 users can download files directly from FBI.

this is at least the third time in recent years, FBI control of child pornography website, let it continue to operate. FBI has put software into these sites to capture users who are hidden behind encrypted and anonymous computer networks. FBI uses this method to identify hundreds of users. FBI said that if you do not "Fishing law enforcement", it is impossible to capture these people.

this approach with the government in the past to combat online child pornography strategy adopted, can be diametrically opposed. According to previous regulations, FBI agents can not allow children to suffer violations of the picture into the public eye.

FBI officials admit that this approach is risky, but said they did not find a better way to identify the identity of the users of these sites.

FBI’s strategy has also led to fierce criticism from many lawyers, legal scholars, and the general public. CIA former employee, Edward · Snowden also forwarded the news, saying that FBI was deliberately (knowingly) spreading child pornography.

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