llegal sale of a domain name and other men profit nearly one hundred thousand yuan arrested

, a Fujian man through the website to sell the overseas servers, in knowing that the other is operating pornographic websites case, still provide the domain name, space, so that a "Niuniu base" porn website daily traffic of tens of thousands of passengers. Yesterday, Nanchang police informed the media, the alleged dissemination of pornographic materials case cracked. The sale of nearly fifty domain names, rental servers outside the Taiwan 4, profit from nearly $one hundred thousand Lin has been arrested by the police.


porn web hits tens of thousands of people

in May this year, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring Corps found a "Niuniu base" website released a large number of pornographic videos, pictures and text information. Soon, the clues were transferred to Nanchang City Public Security Bureau West Lake branch network monitoring unit.

West Lake Bureau supervisor brigade Deputy captain Zhu Jianping said, the police investigation found that "our website using multiple domain names, and servers in the United states. There are more than 3000 pornographic pictures on the site, more than 20 pornographic videos, as well as a large number of pornographic novels, the average daily hits tens of thousands of people.

Through the analysis of

screening, relevant information on the website, investigators found that the founder of "master" (QQ name) and a self proclaimed "Sino US data port (QQ name) the frequent contact, activity area concentrated in the Fujian area of Quanzhou.


police arrested suspects in Quanzhou

learned that this line, the police immediately went to Quanzhou. China and the United States data harbor has built a website with the same name as its QQ nickname. China and the United States data port in the website claimed that the company has registered in the business sector, but the police did not find any information in the business sector. Moreover, the United States and China data port in the name of a long time, engaged in the leased space outside the site leased servers, sell, provide domain names and other services.

According to

, police investigators found that Niuniu base in the dissemination of pornographic materials to the country at the same time, China and the United States data port has a joint crime suspects. June 5th, police investigators in Fujian, Anxi, China and the United States data port captured.


rent server, sell domain profit one hundred thousand yuan

after interrogation, "Sino US data port" Lin, he as a porn site "Niuniu base" rental server, selling the domain name, network maintenance confessed to the crime.

investigation, July 2008, Lin knowingly "master" is a prerequisite for operating pornographic websites, for the interests of drivers, still provide the domain name, space, server rental have to rent per month 7500 to 8000 yuan for the "master", and regular network maintenance. To the incident, Lin as a master to sell the domain name of nearly fifty, renting overseas servers, from nearly one hundred thousand yuan profit in the past 4.


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