Mogujie com a female shopping portal

in the rapid development of e-commerce today, online shopping has been deep into thousands of households, which derived from the professional service site has also been a lot of Taobao sought after, is one of them. Here, online shopping Master are no longer simply search, buy, but showed a keen and comment on dress. In this community of online shopping discussion, but also can be directly linked to e-commerce sites such as Taobao to buy. Thus, the profits generated.

does not sell items of female shopping portal

as a 80 entrepreneurs, June chose to combine social networking and e-commerce, which comes directly from his seven years of Taobao career and his wife’s interest.

June’s wife is the founder of "new Chinese", the women’s forum focuses on cosmetics, June helped her website technology work. "To discuss how to make this popular directly promote the sales of merchandise?" June thought of "integration", the commodity resources to integrate community resources and business users through technical means, and as an intermediary profit through the promotion of electricity supplier sales.

from the rise of the idea to leave from Taobao, June only two weeks. February 2010, June and Zhejiang University classmate Wei Yi joint venture. Two young people have more crazy behavior – sell the house. June sold a house in Hangzhou, 1 million yuan; Wei a stroke sold a house in Shenzhen, 500 thousand yuan, so get the start-up capital 1 million 500 thousand yuan. In order to venture, June also gave up Taobao’s options. As a senior Taobao employees, June was the option value of about 10000000 yuan.

twists and turns, June and his team eventually established the profit line, positioning is the "female shopping entrance", which integrates SNS (Social Network) the social features, let women complete the shopping while sharing. In June’s view, is now a "fashion" and "shopping" as the theme of the female community website, there are millions of female consumers here to share shopping experience every day, clothes, talk about experience, or pure chat and watch. However, although is shopping as the theme of the community, but it does not sell goods to the user, it is neither B2C nor C2C".

recommend products to users, through the use of technology commodity sales link address, to where the commodity shop sales, so as to realize the transformation of’s own rate, finally through the open platform of Taobao alliance mechanism, the commission.

with the help of an open network platform to expand the ranks of fans promotion is largely dependent on the network power. If we still use the traditional form of advertising to get users, the cost is very high." June said. opened at the beginning, it is a good use of sina, micro-blog, micro-blog and QQ open

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