Ministry of public security to clean up the black market to clean up the territory of the illegal we November 14 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zou Wei Shi Jingnan) reporter learned from the Ministry of public security China, to strictly guard against and crack down on illegal and criminal activities related to network, purify the Internet environment, the Ministry of public security from now until the end of February 2012 to launch a nationwide clean-up remediation special action "black market network".

it is understood that the "black market network" clean-up remediation special action will fully clean up the online sale of firearms and ammunition, explosives, knives, crossbows, toxic chemicals, mobile phone hacking software, mobile phone number changing software, car jammers, identity cards, bank cards, false, counterfeit, fake invoices, personal information and identity (certificate) the illegal trade in human organs, people reacted strongly, seriously affect the stability of social order illegal and harmful information, eradicate illegal websites, domestic run group, remediation of a number of illegal and harmful information problems of Internet service unit, closure of a group of criminals who use communication codes and network account, investigating a number of criminal cases involving network investigation, involving a number of network crimes, compression network illegal crime activity space, effectively curb illegal and harmful information on the Internet To maintain social order and stability, protect people’s lives and property, and create a stable and peaceful social environment.

this special action, the public security organs will focus on the development of the Internet search engines, instant messaging services, e-commerce, supply and demand information websites and blogs, online communities, forums and other information services in small units of supervision and inspection, to guide Internet service units to implement the safety management responsibilities, the establishment of illegal and harmful information inspections found that the disposal measures comprehensive clean-up online all kinds of illegal and harmful information. The remediation clean-up is not timely, the high frequency of illegal and harmful information website will be shut down for rectification, while improving edge crime, repeatedly repeatedly opened off, must be resolutely closed; not to implement the safety responsibility system and measures of Internet service units should be ordered deadline for rectification, repeated on illegal websites, we must resolutely investigate and punish, and public exposure through the media. Special action, the Ministry will focus on remediation to supervise the handling of a number of illegal Internet service unit. At the same time, the public security organs will organize special police on the Internet Illegal clues one by one investigation, digging, detection of a number of network of criminal cases involving illegal and criminal activities, and resolutely crack down on internet. For many times, a large number of illegal personnel to send illegal information, will resolutely investigate and investigate according to law.

Ministry of Public Security announced the report website URL: For the investigation of the case to provide important clues to the report, the public security organs will be rewarded.

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