Hangzhou gang activity March 29th Longmen Town Association for T and Tanchun flowers

[] day activities: outing, tours peach, rape, visit the ancient town of Longmen. Cultivate emotions, exchange resources, accumulate contacts.

night: discuss and the establishment of the Hangzhou Association of the Preparatory Committee for the IT.

[activity] IT, Internet industry and their families

[gathering time] on Saturday, March 29th at 9 a.m., 9:30 departure, during this period, please do not be late

[place] set the Huanglong Sports Center 2 floor Haoyouduo supermarket parking lot

[event registration] Huang (13588039960) Zhu Tingting (13208027912)

[active address] http://s.hangzhoubang.com/read.php? Tid=137

[registration form] XX company name to apply to participate in the 29 Hangzhou gang activities, contact Tel: XXXXXXX contact Email:****@****.com

example: PHPWind yellow Zixiong operation manager to enroll in the 29 day Hangzhou gang activity, Tel: 13588039960 contact Email:huangzixiong#gmail.com

[registration deadline] March 28th

[]: daytime activity costs about 30 to about 20 + Lunch expenses (Note: Chartered fees assessed the number of AA AA

after lunch, checkout)

: Night teahouse (tentative Xinyuan restaurant, about 68 yuan a person)

[activity finance] Zhu Tingting

[activity location] Longmen ancient town

[activity flow]

phase 1 daytime

morning in Hangzhou city set, 1.5 hours after arriving in Longmen Town, Longmen town along the creek into the corner, to find a quaint restaurant to rest, eat.

in the afternoon, Yao Wu, mountain over Yejin yellow rape flowers Pumianerlai, photography, thousand, but don’t get too excited, ha ha. Go inside, the scenery is even more beautiful, to the Longmen inn area, suddenly meet the the Peach Garden, pink diffuse, romantic!

finally, penetrate into the depths of the ancient town from the inside, recollections of historical vicissitudes, and to save 60 yuan tickets, hey!!


second stage


in the evening, back to the urban area, go to the teahouse to discuss the event also (Please add)

[activity description]

1, the freedom to choose to participate in the first phase, the second phase of the event, or both.

2, if it rains, daytime activities canceled, evening activities as usual

3, user >

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