The world’s largest venture company Samsung wants to transform corporate culture


NetEase Francisco March 25th message, according to Reuters, Samsung Electronics announced on Thursday that it plans to create a similar entrepreneurial corporate culture, seek to become more flexible in the background of growth slows down.

Samsung executives will sign an agreement to commit to abandon the current top-down culture, create a working environment to promote open communication.

the company will also reduce the level of management, business executives and ordinary employees held more online seminars.

Samsung said in a statement, our goal is to transform our internal culture, able to carry out tasks as fast as the start-up companies, to promote open communication, continuous innovation."

due to sharp decline in smartphone profits in recent years, and the lack of new business to drive growth, Samsung is facing the transformation of its militarization of the work culture to promote the pressure of innovation.

some of its existing employees and old employees believe that for companies such as Samsung, the size of more than 300 thousand employees worldwide, it will be very difficult to transform themselves. Analysts also said that trying to change their way of doing business means that Samsung will face the risk of losing it as a fast Hard Suits Inc advantage.

Samsung chairman Li Jianxi (Lee Kun-hee) since 2014 because of heart disease and hospitalization, Samsung is in turn by his son Li Zai (Jay Y. Lee) at the transition stage of control.

in recent years, the company intended to ease other measures the rigidity of corporate culture include: flextime, relaxed weekend work staff dress requirements, not force employees to participate in the company’s business activities after work.

Samsung said it would also reduce unnecessary internal meetings, simplify reporting processes to improve productivity, provide training to employees, to strengthen their "win the fight".

In addition,

will cut back on unnecessary overtime and weekend work, encourage employees to spend more time with their families, or take time to improve themselves.

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