Method for successfully promoting B2C website

in recent years, the emergence of a large number of B2C sites, when the invasion in the 08 years of economic crisis, not only has no effect on the B2C website, but to the B2C website brings new hope in times of economic crisis continues to exacerbation of influence, businesses are also aware of the role of the Internet, have also joined the electronic among the ranks to business. But many businesses are the promotion for the B2C website are not very familiar with, when the B2C site is difficult to do it, I now also worked for me and electrical mall, according to their own in this piece of marketing experience and study at some of the more successful B2C website promotion methods, summed up the promotion methods the following list below, it must.

1 pre SEO optimization

in the early stages of the site to the site’s SEO to make some finishing, in the technical implementation of the operation is more familiar with the technical staff. So, what we should do is to make a certain understanding of the Internet search habits and speculation. For appliances website, my advice is to refer to, Zhongguancun online, they in the commodity list page for page title settings, such as: Juicer juicer, quotation, price, brand, model, ranking and recommendation, but in the product details page is Midea, JE701AB beauty Juicer price picture performance parameters for these keywords, in the commodity description of them there will be repeated, and not let the search engine think they are intentionally pleasing.

2 to improve the PR value of


PR value is very important for an e-commerce site, the PR value represents the weight of the site’s search engine. At the same time, the PR value also indirectly bring traffic to a site, while the PR value of the approach is to find the PR value high site to do Links, the most direct way is the most rapid way is to use the link to buy the PR value increase in a Google update time. And then use the improved the PR value to go to exchange links with their equal or higher than their own website, and then put before buy links slowly removed.

3 Q & a community

use Q & a community. The main use is to bring the flow of long tail keywords effect, the quiz community the best platform: Baidu know, Sina, ask the question and answer, ask soso, which Baidu know the question and answer can direct traffic, and for Sina and ask soso to ask is more suitable for the promotion of brand awareness, Baidu know in time to pay attention to skills, to understand their rules, but to the question and answer, ask for these rules is more relaxed.

4 paid search engine

for paid search engine this is an e-commerce company can not avoid, because the current use of search engines to find the number of information is too much, even if the

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