How is the new shop manager to promote their own shop

1, go to the Taobao community around, learn from the experience of the predecessors, and paste, but don’t back oh, the goal is to return it effectively.

also occasionally send their and Amoy friends are interested in the post, let others have the impression of you, the more chance to attract the attention of people click on your shop of course is bigger. To ensure that there is sufficient time to access the Internet, in a timely manner to answer questions about your buyer. Participate in community activities to earn more money to advertise.

2, the search engine login your site (here is a popular search engine entry) is very simple, as long as according to requirements to fill into the.


login port: Source=yisou_www_hp

successfully included time in 1 months


login port:

successfully included in 1 months

China search

login port:


successfully included within a week

TOM search

login port:

successfully included within a week

Sohu / Sogou

login port: Step=REGFORM& class=

successfully included within 10 days


login port:


success included time uncertain

3, website free advertising, (here is not to advertise these sites oh)

China supply shop included


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