Network part time money to learn the long live version of the promotion of soft Wen

for a long time the rapid development of the team, within 7 months from less than 10 people, up to now, the 5400 people, has become a bright spot on the network. Almost every night at eight p.m. in room YY 25650 have hundreds of students, long marketing ability has become an independent school, today to listen to a long soft promotion site, posted to a network of part-time earner of soft, how to write. To do SEO, we generally feel that the soft text, especially the original soft text is really difficult, mostly false original, which we look at the following a long time the teacher is how to promote the site of soft wen. You will certainly have some insights, soft Wen really difficult to write it?

Wen is not like soft written advertising, for example: I’m in a good mood today, not earn money, and then compare the depressed; and then I saw an advertisement, is a network of money training advertising, out of curiosity I joined in. I handed in 100, according to the method of operation, I earned a night of 50. I think I can make so much tomorrow, this is soft Wen!

look at the teacher for a long time to further explain how to promote a soft Wen training. The amount of the version of the site, after listening to my own heart, and do not admire. Soft Wen title is the month earns 3000 yuan to sell 1800 yuan

Amoy tutorial!

specific content is this site said: I was a college student, now is a sophomore in Nanjing Institute of water conservancy, before the family conditions in general, the school also, go out to fight with others every day, spend a lot of money, and finally had no money. Just think of the Internet to earn money, a lot of Wangzhuan forum also learned a lot of things, but not the money. Instead of being cheated 825 yuan, get my monthly living expenses are not two. Especially depressed, and then talk about a girlfriend, very depressed. This time a chance is for an e-book in the mailbox, at first I thought that this man stand will cheat, electronic writing which good out of curiosity, I’d like to see him in the end is how to cheat. Because I think a man should also have some let others learn something, because he said according to the ebook, the weekly free public class, I think this is certainly a bluff class class, there a free lunch ah! But I just want to learn from him how to cheat. Then I went to their YY class, the number of the day especially, there are more than 2 thousand people, I was so many people to scare, I think those people must have been brainwashed. And then I heard later, think of the first class did not understand, but also encouraged us to pay. But I think you should know more about, and then put the book to find out the serious look, feel the cheated so long as it is something! Should study, I will continue to their free open class learning, the learning more feel he this thing quite good. He said that weight loss site, I really search under the weight loss product list, is really ranked first in Baidu, if I learned this technology, it is quite interesting. But I don’t know how to make money

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