The United States startups shengzao profitability indicators for various financing use unscrupulous

lead: Bloomberg weekend published an article that, in the case of the gradual tightening of financing environment, is to prepare all kinds of financial indicators according to the needs of service start-up companies, to prove that the business is healthy development. And they usually choose their own most favorable financial indicators.

below is the full text of the article:


on-demand service startups a kind of food takeaway

in September last year, is located in Berkeley, California, the company is going to run out of food takeaway SpoonRocket. The founder of the company had previously demonstrated a radical expansion plan to investors, and promised that the business will be rapid development. Earlier this year, when the company completed plans to expand to San Diego and Seattle, changed the financing environment. Venture capital is more important than profitability.

in a few months later, SpoonRocket gave up just opened new markets, focusing on the previous business. Anson, co-founder and chief technology officer of the company, ·, said: "in a long time, we are in the state, ‘make a profit, let us prove that we can make a profit."."

however, according to the traditional definition, SpoonRocket failed to achieve profitability. The company is the "marginal margin (contribution margin) is positive". In other words, the company’s sales of goods, that is, pre made meals, income is higher than the cost of production, distribution and sales. This also means that the company did not enter certain fixed costs.


· Cui said that the definition of SpoonRocket includes food costs, expenses, costs, delivery man packaging waste and loss, distribution center rent, and some of the marketing project, but does not include the central functions of customer service, staff salaries, office rents, and to attract drivers and marketing expenses.

after careful calculation, can see the gross margin of SpoonRocket for every 50 cents to $1. The founding team will take this achievement to investors. According to Anson · Cui memories, investors responded, "Oh, you spent $13 million, just out of every 1 dollars in profits?" SpoonRocket announced in March this year will be closed, and some of the assets sold to a Brazil restaurant delivery service.

from the beginning of 2014, the demand for economic start-up companies to invest in explosive growth. However, according to market research firm CB Insights data, the recent investors began to gradually cautious. Over the past two quarters, the need for economic start-up companies to obtain financing declined, while the industry is increasingly fierce competition. In order to demonstrate to skeptical investors, recruiters, and potential partners

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