Taobao sellers WeChat all data can be false

last week, WeChat in a number of public accounts to test the amount of reading the article and the amount of praise function, this week has been fully open the function. The function of a launch, the grassroots marketing large, from the media sector caused a great disturbance, many articles are discussed: "WeChat and the number of public reading, new media oriented baton to where?" "WeChat test public reading public account number and support points like: This is to micro-blog’s rhythm?" read the number from the media bubble through WeChat · · · · · · various voices emerge in an endless stream.  

applauded the person that WeChat public data is conducive to transparency, pierce the bubble of marketing. This is indeed undeniable, I believe this is one of the Tencent’s anti marketing measures, a lot of large ornate packaging before being ruthlessly reveal the truth: claims to have about 200000 fans grassroots large, it down to read only a few hundred a day. There are millions of fans known as millet mobile phone, a published article 7.22, as of 7.27 PM 15 points, hit rate of 74367, and a massive fan than, this data makes it an accident, far below the prior publicity and momentum. Compared with Luo Yonghao’s 7.24 release "this article never ever meet again, as of 7.27 PM 15 points, up to 65722 hits.

Contrary to the

people believe that this data can be faked, sooner or later will become a decoration, it is said that Taobao has a brush amount of service, this data will not have any significance in the latter. But soon, the Tencent Inc denied, the general manager of the Tencent to the Tencent Chen Lei cloud platform technology, Tencent has appropriate technical means to deal with, WeChat can not brush volume:

anti brush technology is a check code, through the check code and brush the behavior of false data. Chen Lei introduction, Tencent in the technical reserves of the verification code is very strong, will continue to innovate the font. In addition, the background will continue to change the anti cheat algorithm. Although the anti cheating algorithm itself is limited, but every ten minutes because the algorithm will change, and brush the data to crack the algorithm needs a lot of time, so it can effectively prevent cheating."

"on account of the reading public displays the number of times, although the background of all users will open the collection down, but the background will be the frequency of some data control, such as an account to do many operations within a few seconds, or the same device number, repeat visits to the same user, these data will be judged invalid, excluding from the total number of open, only the valid data extraction, to ensure authenticity of the data."

before the media around the brick house said someone using a mobile phone constantly brush, improve the data, the brick house apparently did not understand WeChat’s reading rate of computer system, only need to use the mobile phone to understand some of the actual test. The real computer system is: "every WeChat ID can contribute 5 reading every day"

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