Baidu open platform accused of black hole caused by traffic concerns


Taobao and Baidu battle, at a dinner, someone said: the search is ma (Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun) the pain ah. Ali staff shook his head, said: not. He drank a mouthful of wine, teeth and said: is pain.

September 2, 2010, the annual Baidu World Congress held as scheduled. In many Robin powder scream, Robin Li, chairman of the board of directors of Baidu came to power, talking about the opening of Baidu. When the "search experience," the flow of cash by a new name, the industry in an uproar, Internet gangster immediately sit.

for two years, Ma Yun is still in pain, but Robin Li strode. Baidu open initiatives, not only to make Ma panic, but also to create rich gold – search industry once again brewing.

open platform is an application store

behind 12 huge screens showing the bright sky picture of Robin Li on the stage looked around, as if a child reverently looked up at the sky, and this scene lining, Robin Li played the game "battle", this is Robin Li personally launched in an important strategic demonstration of Baidu the application of open platform.

the same day, Baidu officially announced the launch of a new application open platform to promote more Internet applications and Internet users need to direct docking quality, convenient Internet users, that is, search". At the same time, Baidu also said it would pay, donations, advertising, etc., to help developers and content developers to open their own business platform through Baidu application value.

After the

open platform, what changes? Search for "DouBan FM", will first appear directly in the search results of DouBan FM, and played directly on the page, you do not have to click on the link to the official website; search "Lianliankan" directly, the emergence of a "Lianliankan" FLASH game, you can directly in the search results page to start to play.

basically, "Baidu apps" home page is a APP STORE (app store).

The advent of

open platform, which means that a large number of Baidu search results will become an application. Robin Li said that this will help the end of the chain of application developers and content creators direct access to the user. Even a unique and valuable content can be profitable. For example, you have to drive from Beijing to Weihai book ", you can put these content on Baidu search, when there are other people, need to pay, while Baidu and you into.

this means that not only is the application developers, and even an ordinary person, you can put the Baidu open platform as a platform for the release of the work and the realization of the value of.

, according to Robin Li revealed that there are 400 partners to join Baidu’s open platform, which mainly small and medium sites. Baidu will pay, donations, placement advertising and other three ways, with its income sharing.


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