BAT by the director of the eight O2O event who can laugh to the end

Abstract: BAT three in the past year by grabbing the user, the circle of resources, the way to fight capital, has been directly or indirectly split up more than 80% O2O market share. In setting up the new pattern of China O2O market after the review will become the history of the past. The BAT O2O force strategy will be more clear.

O2O in 2015, this a thousand li a day war, all seemingly Mo Li Bing horse, fierce competition fighting, Paibingbuzhen behind all cannot do without BAT. According to incomplete statistics, BAT three in the past year to grab users, circle resources to fight the way capital has directly or indirectly, up more than 80% share of the O2O market, in setting up the new pattern of China O2O market after the review will become the history of the past. The BAT O2O force strategy will be more clear.

, BAT director of the annual O2O eight hot events

1, AT O2O opened the battle of red wars triggered

: shock index assumes


WeChat red turned out, because it caters to Chinese traditional culture, with social magic, WeChat quickly swept the red envelope, let WeChat in the mobile payments finally found the dimensionality reduction attack. But 2015 is really popular red of the year, with the help of CCTV Spring Festival and other heavy program, the Spring Festival as the Tencent Alibaba Road, home court, the two sides of fierce competition, the anti ban seal section is Bourne killer. In the end, the two sides played a draw: Tencent Q3 earnings report WeChat QQ+ total binding card number has more than 200 million, approaching Alibaba, as latecomers, in fact, this is the victory of Tencent.

AT is behind the red war battle mobile payment, mobile payment infrastructure as the core of the O2O, in 2014 2015 began to be valued, the competition is heating up, in addition to Ali and Tencent, Baidu wallet performance is also remarkable, in Baidu Nuomi, Baidu sold, where payment scenario driven, Baidu wallet activation the account number continued growth, especially with Robin Li, recently officially launched Baidu wallet "perennial cash back program, this move will further enable the BAT involved in the three World War oligarchs.

, 2 bit faster to merge the drama ended


: shock index assumes


drops fast standing respectively for Tencent and Ali, the two giants itself ran to develop mobile payment scenarios, mobile payment habits to promote and to invest, never thought that after the drops and quick in the travel market are showing great potential of its first cut into the taxi cab auxiliary function there is no relationship between the two, but launched a competition with the taxi car service, which in itself is a massive market, Tencent and Alibaba have invested hundreds of millions of funds to fight the subsidy war, education market. 2015 Valentine’s day drops and quick merge make travel >

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