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[TechWeb] April 27th news reports, the party held in the know "salt Club" 2014 annual user line activities, or co-founder Huang Jixin said, know almost daily the upcoming 3, is currently closed beta, the new version will highlight the recommendation function.

learned from almost daily 3.0Beta version, the new version of the design of a new home page, especially highlighting the editor and the theme of his daily newspaper, and individually designed a new article page, to strengthen the position of the recommended language.

Huang Jixin said that the upcoming launch of the daily 3 will focus on highlighting everyone is editor of the product concept. Everyone can recommend to others that the quality of the content, at the same time, all the people can rely on others for discernment, really nice content found on the internet.

also said, know almost founder and CEO week source in the field, the second half of 2015, or will launch a platform for original content licensing, the original author to support their willingness to authorize their own works, so that the original creators of content to be respected intellectual achievements, and from living influence and economic returns. (Zhou Xiaobai)

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