520 novel sites were shut down Founder jailed for 4 years and fined 3 million


Jin Junjie and others appear in court

found vault

Jin Junjie, a 26 year old boy from Hubei, Yicheng, graduated from school and began to move his resume and job like other college graduates. The school’s popularity is not high, plus gold Junjie expectations are too high, some time down, looking for a job repeatedly rebuffed. The germination of the gold Junjie downhearted entrepreneurial idea.

because the university network love novels, and with the class I learn to network knowledge, Jin Junjie was registered in 2007 www.xiaoshuo520.com (520 novel) domain name, contact the server hosting company, began to do original novel website start to try.

entrepreneurship is difficult. Because the site has just been established, it is difficult to find a time to sign writers, and a high level of Internet writer will not sign such a small website. A cavity blood gold Junjie brought his college writing fantasy novels to hang on the site.

however, the quality of the novel is difficult to attract readers to visit the novel 520". After a period of time, due to the lack of a single profit model and management experience, "520 novels" gradually make ends meet.

"novel 520" how to operate has become a problem plagued Jin Junjie. One day, when browsing the web on the Internet, he accidentally discovered that some of the small literary websites directly copied the works of well-known novels on their own websites, and has a good view.

gold heroes like finding a "vault", click into place. Copy others on the site of the novel basically no cost, can save time and effort, but also improve the views, why don’t you do? From 2009 onwards, the original novel gold business difficult to continue the path from online piracy Junjie road.

free lunch gold Junjie took aim at the starting point Chinese network. At present, the leading Chinese original literature portal is one of the largest literary reading and writing platforms in china.

when Jin Junjie hand to the starting point of the Chinese network, the starting point of the Chinese online access to the original network novel resources has become a novel 520 small treasuries". For the convenience of piracy, Jin Junjie from online one called "shut off" from his master software, where to buy a "Customs collector" article automatic collection procedures, can fully and quickly put the starting point Chinese online novels copied and placed on the novels of "520" on the website using this software.

from the beginning of 2009, after the beginning of the network piracy, soon, the novel site has a significant increase in the amount of browsing, Jin Junjie tasted the sweetness of the.

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