Website promotion no plan can not be optimized

no matter what kind of work you do, in the initial stages of planning to do in the middle of the planning to do, in the terminal to do a summary. For website promotion, still the case, the so-called no plan can not be optimized.

when we take over a web site, the first thing is to do a detailed plan based on your diagnosis of the site. The purpose of this program: first, to develop a clear direction for the latter’s website optimization work; but to the person in charge of the site to clarify your work process, website optimization objectives. Today I share that Dennis is a website promotion program the wise remark of an experienced person to develop, how to write.

first, promotion plan to the details, not just superficial, and fuzzy.

in the development of the site’s promotion program, to be aimed at the need to improve the place, detailed writing, not a belt, to the person in charge of the sense of immersive. Such as: when we recommend website text, to explain why the general situation of enterprise website appearance to be concise, visual feeling is comfortable, and the company website too left / right; the proposed site maintenance personnel will be the site of a centrally located and on the website of the color appearance of landscaping.

second, the promotion of writing code on the place, there should be text notes.

we have to understand that each code people responsible for websites do not necessarily understand the site, so the code in the program place on the back to text, so you can easily understand your project person in charge. Such as: title< Title >; keywords< keyword >; description< description of > such a program looks more detail.

third, web search data, the formation of page text.

in the diagnosis of the site, we will find a lot of data through the webmaster tools, as a reference value of the site optimization. This data you can print out, attached to the program, you can make your program more convincing, but also allows the site responsible person at a glance to understand the status of the site.

fourth, according to the website content information update, make suggestions.


site will generally equipped with the corresponding site maintenance personnel, if not long-term website information update, namely: spider< spider crawling website search engine > less often, for the website included and ranking will be very negative, but also lose the competitive advantage of the industry, will eventually lose potential customers from a large number of in the network.

fifth, the site information in the chain layout.

home is a very good website promotion place, so in the web page text, try to do the corresponding keyword hyperlinks to the site layout, each column page and the content page, the depth and breadth of cheap spider crawling crawling. In particular, the website news and company profile

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