How to promote my new station

I think it is not difficult to do a website, but it is difficult to do a successful web site, I am a graduate of a student, learning is a professional computer network, (web design and production). Just out of school to do sales, then only the play, did not think later how, do nearly 1 years of sales, every day to travel abroad, not tired tired, tired also said not tired, because of the time you can go out to play, very free, all over the country almost through. The word "cool".

wanted to go to my professional after the resignation of the school white ah, now hands on their own life, but I will have enough experience, can say little, just started working on a lot of small problems, get yourself a bit confused, because just took over, with some days it needs. Keep learning every day, can now also take charge as chief of, to celebrate the ah ha ha.

but the new problem appeared again, I do stand (, are not in Baidu snapshot, there is a home, is very poor, this is why I am upset recently, stationmaster net is very good, I very love, there are a lot of master, do not know how to do it to this look slightly, I hope you can teach me, tell me some solutions.

look forward to your help.

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