Sun Jingwei let me feel the Baidu Library Marketing

I have been on Baidu products and QQ products do network promotion has a special liking, before this has been in the A5 sent a few About Baidu [use Baidu know do network promotion and Sun Jingwei: [] how to use Baidu experience to bring high quality website conversion rate] experience share, may be subject to little force the click rate is bad, two with only more than 1 thousand click together. There is no QQ to share these two [clever use of QQ bottles to do network promotion to bring high quality flow] and [Sun Jingwei: Incredible QQ actually can play integrated marketing promotion] Click high (the first 3749, after the 3345).

today is the protagonist of the most let me feel the Baidu library promotion, it is expected to promote the "Baidu library" can bring traffic when. From the Baidu library just on the line, with the ice started to pay attention to the network promotion methods, but also their own first upload a lot of documents as a generalization test (fortunately own grasp of the scale, not by the title. Once known as Baidu promotion test, was banned for 3 days are not allowed to ask and answer, so far Baidu know a total of I have been sealed for the 3 time. ), the promotion effect of the library with the ice has not found a good solution (at present: only through the amount of clicks, comments and downloads to assess), but also hope everyone pointing one or two).

I upload the document from the

through the data, click know from how many people saw I posted ads (Note: click on the amount I bear is not to continue to do so after each library, different products, promotion methods are not the same); from the comments on and let me know your the audience (the content of the product level needs to be improved to improve the quality of good downloads); from downloads to know how many people become loyal users of the product (I do not know is not peer ah, now very serious plagiarism). As for the conversion rate can not be assessed.

part of the library share screenshot

Baidu library supports a variety of formats, word documents, TXT documents, PPT format, PDF format. Many predecessors have said that the higher the weight of PDF, after I test, PDF format high weight I did not appreciate the advantages, only know, comments, download a high ranking great. In a test to download PDF and ppt format is very small, can’t again edit or edit the difficulties caused by the quantity of download, you can edit the document, on the contrary downloads unusually high. Baidu library has been added to the original promotion, such as the number of advertising, Download points, and then do not let people download the editor, an absolute loss ah. In addition to talking about the original intention of the library is a collection of professional libraries to share ah. (Note: do not do the chain to do the library promotion, just personal opinion)

a, the following talk about the library operation method requires only two steps:

1, the production of documents, plus the header and footer, many people choose to put in this ad (after the new account plus advertising by low rate), can the company’s own website, company name, public >

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