t is not so difficult to do these simple marketing content

recently circle has set off a dead SEO boom, SEO in the end is dead or dead, each have their own ideas, but can not be denied that SEO has been very difficult to do, the effect is slow, but the cost is not low in this way than other marketing! What I share is how do content marketing, also has recently been in the understanding of this, we have some experience, and share with you


first: a comprehensive understanding of the product and market conditions

this is actually a foundation, no matter what you do brand marketing content, first of all you must have a comprehensive understanding of the product and the market situation is very detailed. How to understand these situations? Just search related news and information is certainly not in the network, we can first consider their need to understand what the problem, then the problems are listed, even if you feel some ridiculous, but as long as you think it is necessary, then record. And then can the marketing personnel to carry out communication and understanding, can communicate and have clients, each department can discuss together in short summary! Is the need to fully understand the product features and selling points, and competitor’s advantage and disadvantage, what is the pain points of consumers, these are some of the basic information.

second: raise the value of content

in the first point, we should understand the content has been very good, so how to use the content of it, so we have to think about a problem, that is what we want to make these content to let people see, also is our audience who? This issue should be clear, the audience can see love a class of content. We need to look at what our competitors do in their communication, in what, then we through the combination of content and data better, make the information more valuable content, let the audience to become really want to see.

third: determine the content core

the audience, so we need to consider a problem, we need to let the audience see what kind of content, how do we use these already know the information content, achieve the expected effect of marketing. What is our core? Is to promote our brand or product promotion?? if you want to started the brand, so we can do brand story of content marketing; if it is to promote the products, improve the conversion, you can focus from product perspective. Here to remind you that no matter how the content of marketing, a little less, it is very straightforward to contact, otherwise how can customers find you, especially not to put an administrative type of phone, if you are doing so well is put products, the Sales Department of the phone


fourth: find the best content publishing platform

After the three points above

do, we need to find an optimal release platform, do not think that you can easily find a few places can be issued, so that the words

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